API Plan News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
Introducing Our New Self-service Plan, JumpStart (2015-12-10) www.apteligent.com
Google?s BigQuery cloud service adds Custom Quotas to limit daily spending (2015-12-15) venturebeat.com
(2015-12-15) alpha.apievangelist.com
Pusher Expands Free Plan to 1.4 Million Notifications Per Week (2016-01-07) www.programmableweb.com
OneNote API throttling and how to avoid it (2016-01-12) blogs.msdn.com
Discontinuing Delicious Premium (2016-01-12) blog.delicious.com
New ? Scheduled Reserved Instances (2016-01-13) aws.amazon.com
AWS now lets customers reserve scheduled, recurring instances (2016-01-13) www.zdnet.com
Vinli Gives Developers 60 Billion Free API Calls (2016-01-17) dzone.com
Introducing new plans, new unified capabilities across the Restlet Platform (2016-01-25) restlet.com
Google Apps treats government workers with unlimited cloud storage (2016-01-29) www.zdnet.com
Moz Content Launches New Tiers and Google Analytics Integration (2016-02-02) moz.com
You can still claim 100K Postmark credits by supporting DMARC (2016-02-09) postmarkapp.com
Azure Premium Storage Bandwidth Limits (2016-02-17) dzone.com
How Do You Determine Who Gets Access to Your API? (2016-02-18) www.programmableweb.com
100,000 free credits to help us support DMARC (2016-02-26) postmarkapp.com
Tiering Data Storage for Cost Savings and Accessibility (2016-03-01) www.infostor.com
Algorithmia is now free, forever (2016-03-01) blog.algorithmia.com
Changes to standard and premium pricing plans in Australia (2016-03-02) www.xero.com
Rate Limiting Fun (2016-03-11) dzone.com
Protecting and Rate Limiting an API with Kong (2016-03-17) blog.mashape.com
Additional Pricing Options for AWS Marketplace Products (2016-03-22) aws.amazon.com
SoundCloud launches its $9.99 monthly subscription music service to take on Spotify (2016-03-29) venturebeat.com
Saving Hundreds of Hours With Google Compute Engine Per-Minute Billing (2016-04-05) dzone.com
GitLab Enterprise Edition price change (2016-04-07) about.gitlab.com
Details on Expiring DigitalOcean Credits (2016-04-26) www.digitalocean.com
SoundCloud is expanding its paid subscription service internationally (2016-05-03) www.businessinsider.com
Uber rankled by app that compares ride-hailing prices (2016-05-06) www.boston.com
Dropbox?s new education tier has most of its business features for a third of the price (2016-05-10) thenextweb.com
GitHub Introduces Unlimited Private Repositories (2016-05-11) www.programmableweb.com
Do You Want API Billing Data Via API? (2016-05-12) everydeveloper.com
Announcing New Adyen Integration (2016-05-17) www.3scale.net
Announcing Heroku Free SSL Beta and Flexible Dyno Hours (2016-05-18) blog.heroku.com
Discounted yearly pricing and more (2016-05-19) whoapi.com
A Welcome Trend in American Healthcare: Pricing Transparency (2016-05-25) blog.pokitdok.com
Personality Insights price reduction (2016-06-02) www.ibm.com
Announcing New Enterprise Features and Pricing for Built.io Flow (2016-07-14) www.built.io
Tweet: Understand what#039;s covered under the Free Tier: https://t.co/LTLjCEjqPi https://t.co/YYtdnbc2Lv (2016-07-14) twitter.com
Is Dynamic Pricing a Hit? (2016-07-27) knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu
U.S. Judge denies Uber motion to compel arbitration in surge-pricing lawsuit (2016-07-29) www.reuters.com
1Password now lets individuals pay monthly to protect their passwords (2016-08-03) thenextweb.com
Important Changes to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub Basic Tier Accounts (2016-08-05) blog.basespace.illumina.com
New feature: Assign rights by service (2016-08-09) www.3scale.net
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Update ? Snapshot Price Reduction More PIOPS/GiB (2016-08-11) aws.amazon.com
New ? Usage Plans for Amazon API Gateway (2016-08-11) aws.amazon.com
AWS launches Usage Plans for API Gateway service (2016-08-11) venturebeat.com
Where You Rate-Limit APIs Matters (2016-08-14) dzone.com
Kloud View ? One click SaaS cost optimization (2016-08-18) www.kloudview.com
Ubisoft Retreats from Free-to-Play Business Model (2016-08-28) motherboard.vice.com
New ? Upload AWS Cost Usage Reports to Redshift and QuickSight (2016-08-29) aws.amazon.com
Tweet: Learn how to better understand your bill with AWS Cost Explorer: https://t.co/E1ZXz7nR5P #CloudComputing https://t.co/Bd0pJ7tvdu (2016-09-01) twitter.com
Twilio (TWLO) Debuts New Enterprise Plan; Will Focus on Security, Administration (2016-09-08) www.streetinsider.com
Twilio Announces Twilio Enterprise Plan With New Capabilities for Advanced Security, Access Management, and Granular Administration (2016-09-08) finance.yahoo.com
Introducing the Twilio Enterprise Plan: capabilities for enterprise agility amp; managing risk (2016-09-08) www.twilio.com
Using Pricing to Inform Your Roadmap (2016-09-08) www.mindtheproduct.com
Tweet: QuickBooks Online API throttling changes coming soon (2016-09-08) twitter.com
Twilio: Priced for Enterprise Scale - Post - No Jitter (2016-09-08) www.nojitter.com
Verizon has a new pay-to-play data plan (VZ) (2016-10-17) www.businessinsider.com
New plan: Go Diamond! + FREE trials for any Premium service plan (2016-10-20) www.123contactform.com
How I (sort of) got around the Google Maps API results limit (2016-10-21) medium.com
Simplified! Weve reworked our pricing (2016-11-01) www.contentful.com
Instapaper Premium Read-it-Later Service Now Free (2016-11-02) www.pcmag.com
Spark for Developers Changes to the Download Limit (2016-11-07) developer.ciscospark.com
Democratizing the API Economy (2016-11-11) medium.com
Amazon Web Services Expands the AWS Price List API (2017-01-04) www.programmableweb.com
Backendless Cloud Pricing Update (2017-01-09) backendless.com
Four pricing mistakes you’re making with your developer product (2017-01-17) techcrunch.com
The Fine Print: Exploring The Big Four Carriers New Unlimited Data Plans (2017-02-17) www.crn.com
Pricing Strategies For SaaS Providers (2017-02-17) blogs.forrester.com
SoundCloud Adds $5 Monthly Plan (2017-02-28) www.pcmag.com
Reimagining support for Google Cloud Platform: new pricing model and partnerships (2017-03-08) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Google offers new Always Free cloud tier to attract users (2017-03-10) www.pcworld.com
Google Cloud Platform adds free tier (2017-03-10) www.zdnet.com
AWS follows Google with Reserved Instance flexibility changes (2017-03-14) www.pcworld.com
AWS offers Alexa developers free cloud credits (2017-03-15) www.pcworld.com
“Media is broken,” so Medium’s launching a $5/month member program that offers small upgrades (2017-03-22) www.niemanlab.org
Medium launches memberships for $5 per month (2017-03-22) www.theverge.com
Twitter is considering charging you for premium features (2017-03-23) thenextweb.com
Introducing Postman Pro (2017-03-23) blog.getpostman.com
Spotify now offers Premium users exclusive early access to new music (2017-04-04) thenextweb.com
Spotify trades free-tier album delays for smaller royalties (2017-04-04) techcrunch.com
Sling TV now offers Showtime for additional $10 per month (2017-04-05) www.theverge.com
Expanding how you pay for Slack (2017-04-05) medium.com
Two-thirds of EU travel websites mislead on prices: Commission (2017-04-07) www.reuters.com
Introducing paid subscriptions on GitLab.com (2017-04-11) about.gitlab.com
Latest Update: New Pricing Plan ! (2017-04-12) www.invoicera.com
AWS Price List API Update – Regional Price Lists (2017-04-20) aws.amazon.com
New Box platform pricing designed to give developers more cost certainty (2017-04-25) blog.box.com
Tweet: Check out the new pricing model for Box Platform - it#039;s scalable, customizable, and predictable!hellip; https://t.co/o77lK1pSTj (2017-04-25) twitter.com
Verizon Announces Unlimited Prepaid Plan (2017-04-26) www.pcmag.com
Appcelerator Indie Plans Are Now Free! And Wait, There’s More… (2017-05-02) www.appcelerator.com
EC2 Price Reductions – Reserved Instances M4 Instances (2017-05-03) aws.amazon.com
Amazon announces EC2 price reductions (2017-05-03) www.zdnet.com
Amazon Cuts Cloud Prices: New AWS Price Reductions Target Reserved Instances (2017-05-03) www.crn.com
Zapier launches $250/month team accounts (2017-05-04) techcrunch.com
Heres how the unlimited plans from Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare (VZ, TMUS, S, T) (2017-05-13) feedproxy.google.com
New – Cost Allocation for EBS Snapshots (2017-05-27) aws.amazon.com
Amazon has killed off its unlimited data storage deal (2017-06-08) www.theverge.com
Amazon drops its unlimited cloud storage plan (2017-06-08) www.engadget.com
Hands (2017-06-13) developer.salesforce.com
Mozscape API Pricing (2017-06-16) medium.com
Twitch community speaks out on new subscription options (2017-07-07) thenextweb.com
Before buying anything on Amazon, use these 2 tools to make sure you’re getting a good deal (AMZN) (2017-07-10) www.businessinsider.com
A $99 'subscription' will be the beginning of the end for Twitter (2017-07-29) mashable.com
5 Steps for Cost Savings on AWS (2017-08-09) blog.rackspace.com
Introducing Cosmic Clusters: Multi (2017-08-16) medium.com
Amazon will pay more developers who make popular Alexa skills (2017-08-16) www.theverge.com
The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your API (2017-09-07) nordicapis.com
Why You Need to Give Away Your API for Free (2017-09-12) medium.com
Amazon Web Services will now charge by the second, its biggest pricing change in years (2017-09-18) apple.news
Add Authentication and Billing to Your API on AWS [Tutorial] (2017-09-22) blog.rapidapi.com
Add Authentication and Billing for Your API on Google Cloud Platform [Tutorial] (2017-10-09) blog.rapidapi.com
Introducing Dropbox Professional: Powerful tools to showcase your work (2017-10-17) blogs.dropbox.com
Dropbox targets freelancing workers with new 'Professional' tier (2017-10-17) www.engadget.com
Announcing updates to our Terms of Service and Pricing (2017-10-18) medium.com
SUURGE (2017-10-26) www.suurge.io
Introducing the Builder Bucket Referral Program (2017-11-09) medium.com
Twitter launches new paid API plans and makes it easier for devs to check their usage (2017-11-14) thenextweb.com
Twitter launches new paid API plans and makes it easier for devs to check their usage (2017-11-14) thenextweb.com
Twitter launches lower (2017-11-14) techcrunch.com
Twitter's 'premium' tools let more apps use your data (2017-11-14) www.engadget.com
New Interactive AWS Cost Explorer API (2017-11-22) www.dabcc.com
Pricing (2017-12-04) azure.microsoft.com
FaaS is a rate plan, not a paradigm (2017-12-09) medium.com
Gluu Business Model Update (2018-01-11) www.gluu.org
Freemium vs Free Trial vs Hybrid Customer Acquisition Models in SaaS: (2018-01-15) medium.com
Introducing: AIKON (2018-03-08) medium.com
The Open Rights Exchange Protocol (2018-03-08) medium.com
New Blockchain API marketplace for devs (2018-03-16) appdevelopermagazine.com
How to manage SaaS subscription billing using Servicebot open (2018-04-29) medium.com
The Ultimate Guide to Product and Pricing Data (2018-05-02) blog.diffbot.com
Price hike to Google Maps API could hit some brokerages hard (2018-05-04) www.inman.com
Introducing dServices — the building blocks for the decentralized economy (2018-05-11) medium.com
Oktane18: Okta makes authentication API free for apps and websites (2018-05-23) itbrief.co.nz
How you can make money from your APIs? A Business Approach of APIs (2018-06-29) medium.com
So You Want to Monetize Your APIs? (2018-06-29) medium.com
Google Maps API Changes Billing Rules (2018-07-16) www.i-programmer.info
API Monetization (2018-07-17) medium.com
Getting a Handle on Spiraling AWS Lambda Cost in Seconds (2018-07-18) dzone.com
Forty Seven API and White Label Use Cases (2018-08-03) medium.com
Postman opens up features from its paid plan (2018-08-08) sdtimes.com
Demystifying AWS Pricing APIs & its Cryptic codes (2018-08-16) medium.com
Launching API.market (and the #OREtoken) with a “Developer First” perspective (2018-08-16) medium.com
Google Maps API Price Hike Is Threatening the Future of Some Companies (2018-08-27) gadgets.ndtv.com
TomTom offers free mobile mapping data as Google Maps raises prices (2018-09-10) www.mobilemarketer.com
How AWS Pricing Works (2018-09-29) dzone.com
7 AWS Cost Optimization Techniques (2018-11-02) dzone.com
AWS API to get EC2 Instance Prices (2018-11-03) medium.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.